The second thing I ever made with Phaser and a project where I quickly realised that it was beyond my ability to make.

This one was going to be an autoclicker BUT instead of following the factory route that most games in that genre go down, I wanted to frame it around a Tamagotchi experience.

You would gradually unlock more food and more items and your one goal would be to raise an adorable little critter, the creature growing over time. Eventually, however, it would start demanding things that provide moral concerns. Animals. Souls. The blood of its enemies. Without realising it, you'd go from loving pet owner to committed cultist.

I still love that idea, but I'm just one man. 

Anyway, I was able to demo changing food items, and I played around with art style, and I even got to enjoy bezier curves (you can click on the creature and toss some food at him), so it was worth it.

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