This one got outta control fast.

This is a resource management sim in which you make decisions by swiping left or right as your advisers approach you. If any of your resources run out, you die. Being the talented person that you are though, you are juggling being a top CEO with trying to commune with unfathomable elder Gods beyond human understanding. Neat.

If you die, your ancestor takes your place and you don't lose all of the progress you had made in meeting any of the Gods.

With that in mind, there is only one God in this prototype and going down its story path requires making the right decisions when certain scenarios present themselves to you. 

I stopped working on this because it got too big again (though I have so, so many scenarios, lore, and characters in a design doc) and I was once again scared of it being boring.

Still, I learned a huge amount and I had fun doing it!

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