Life today is fast. If I order a coffee, I want it now. If I want a game, I'll opt for a download to get it quicker. If I'm in a court of law, I want the judge to decide my fate based on two random things that I say about myself so I can be on my way.

Is that still justice? Probably.

So I don't have time to polish this before Mini Jam 46 ends, but I think it's okay. It's themed around justice, and I used only 5 colours... Of course the code is trash, but you don't receive a gift horse and peek inside its chest cavity do you?


The instructions are in game too, but just so that you have them here: 

Press left or right to start. Each person will give two facts about themselves and you can press the left arrow key if you think they're NOT GUILTY of a crime or the right arrow key if you think they are GUILTY.

Of course this is the law and you might deem someone guilty for being a danger to themselves, for peeing themselves in your court room, or because you're a little cranky.

I hope you enjoy!


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Pretty good!

Thanks man!

LMAO nice, love it. That was hella fast too!

Haha thank you! I do like to think of my art style as 'oh God, get it done so I can stop trying to draw' after all